Gala Bingo In Brighton

If you are looking to play a spot of bingo then Gala have a club located in the heart of Brighton which you can visit to have some quality time and enjoy yourself with friends and family and hopefully win some cash too. They offer a great menu and are always running new and exciting offers to keep things interesting. The menu isn’t too shoddy either and you can even have yourself a mini feast whilst enjoying your favorite game.


If you want to visit the club it’s located at 1 Freshfield Way, Brighton BN2 0LE and you can contact then by phone at 01273 621884. If you fancy staying in and playing then you can also do this by simply playing online. Gala bingo have a range of bonuses available and regularly run promotions, the latest of which was to win a holiday home.

Just remember to get yourself the best gala bingo promotion code for 2014 when you sign up to their site to maximise the amount of playing cash you get. You could even have a go on their slots, amongst the most popular of which is rainbow riches – just don’t get too carried away with their casino games as they can be somewhat addictive as can the slot machines in the local bingo clubs. If you’d like to find out more about Gala bingo in Brighton then head over here and take a look and perhaps check out their menu too!

Have A Bit Of Betfred

Betfred has various bookies on the street in and around the local areas, however, we recommend taking a look at their online offers which can give you significantly more for your money and oftentimes provide you with better odds through the range of introductory offers, including the free 25 pound matched bet and the double odds offer. These can all be accessed be entering in specific promo codes upon registering at their site. It’s easy enough to do and the betfred promo code page we have linked to has the full range of offer for you to choose from.bonus

Take a few minutes to go through the individual offers and check out whihc one suits you, personally for the football we like the double odds offer which will quire simply give you unbeatable odds, or if you prefer you can try the promo code BF25 which will give you a nice 25 pound free matched bet though there is a certain amount of time require to use this bet in, so don’t leave it for too long or it won’t be valid anymore.

For the casino players amongst you there’s a fat welcome bonus of up to 200 of the Queens finest English pounds. This is accessed using the promo code 200Weclome, which you can enter on their registration page.

Betfred has also been growing in popularity which its bingo section of the site and you can get off to a great start with a 40 pound bonus.

To try them out we highly recommend taking a look at their full range of promo codes and maxing them out to get every bonus offered. Once you’re joined the bonuses don’t stop there, you’ll get plenty of offers emailed out to you for various sporting events and for the casino and bingo side of things if you decide to have a dabble into it yourself.

With the new season upon us it’s a great time to get started as the offers are always the best for the premier league beginning as each bookie tries their very hardest to bring in a range of new customers to their ranks. So, what are you waiting for, go and check out the odds, just remember to use the promo codes as advised to give yourself the best chance of walking away with a nice profit!

Swimming Complex In Brighton

There are so many swimming complex in Brighton, they are:

Swimming Complex In Brighton
  1. King Alfred Leisure Center – This swimming complex has various family fun sessions and an additional large water slide if you are more than 8 years old.
  2. Pells Outdoor Swimming Pool – This is a heated outdoor swimming pool that has kids rafts and other fun activities. Also, it has sunbathing terrace, cafй and paddling pool.
  3. Splashpoint. The main pool of Splashpoint is 33 meters long and it has diving boards, learner pool, flume, steam room, sauna and sunbeds during summertime.
  4. The Triangle. If you have children who just started to swim, they have a pool for shallow learner. The kids can enjoy this pool together with their parents. Also, small children can explore the beach area, they have animal water features, waterslide and poolside area for spectators.
  5. Findon Swimming Pool – This is a supervised outdoor at the same time a heated pool with waterslide. It is open during the months of May and September.
  6. Dolphin Haywards Heath – This is a leisure center with toddler pool and a main pool. They have an elephant slide to experience extra splashing.
  7. Hailsham Lagoon Leisure Center – This swimming complex features a soft play center, indoor leisure pool and pin bowling. They have a separate area for toddlers that have flume and splash dance party on Friday nights.
  8. Freedom Leisure – On this site is a huge swimming pool with soft play area for children ages 0-11. Also, they have an 8 lane bowling alley.
  9. Arundel Lido – They offer a main outdoor pool that measures 25 meters, a 5 meter splash pool that is linked to the main pool and a separate paddling pool for children.
  10. The Pavilions In The Park – This swimming complex boasts of their 25 meter main pool, teaching pool that measures 12.5 meters and the Leisure Waters are heated outdoor and indoor. Also, they have bubble beds, water channels, jets and waterfall geysers, jungle soft play, flume and cafй.
Swimming Complex In Brighton

These are some of the swimming complex that you must while in Brighton.

Sports Activities In Brighton

Brighton has a lot of sports activities for the residents as well as the visitors to enjoy. There is a wide variety of sports activities in Brighton and some of them are the following:

Brighton Water Sports

The Brighton Water Sports is located on Brighton Beach, it is based between two Piers and located within the heart of the beach land in Brighton. The Brighton Watersports Company is the only company that is licensed and allowed by the City to operate along Brighton’s beaches. There are so many bars, cafes, shops and galleries along the coastline, this is simply for people who want to relax or witness the coastline and leave the adventure of water sports to his family or group.

Sports Activities In Brighton

The company works closely with Brighton’s City Council, Beach Lifeguards, Seafront Office and RNLI to make sure that visitors will have a high standard of safety. Also, most of the facilities are wheelchair friendly except for the kayak, kit and on-site clothing shops.

Brighton Martial Arts

Martial Arts in Brighton offers the fastest growing Self-Defence and Martial Art in the world. They have more than sixteen classes every week for men, women and children across Hove and Brighton. Martial arts is not only learning how to defend yourself but also improve health, fitness, endurance, flexibility, coordination and many more.

One of the martial arts that is offered is the techniques of Choi Kwang Do, it can restore and promote good health and safe to practice even for a long-term. Also, it allows you to perform different movements to shock your opponent without negatively affecting one’s health. Today, the oldest practicing student is 92 years old. He is the living testimony that this martial art can have long-term benefits for the health.

Another martial art offered in Hove and Brighton Martials Arts is the Self-Defence, the Korean Art. Each week, they offer fifteen classes for women, men and children. Aside from learning how to defend yourself, there are other benefits derived from taking Taekwon-Do lessons. Your total fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination will be improved. The techniques of Taekwon-Do will help develop your body to perform powerful and fast movements. It helps you to develop a good physique because it promotes weight loss and develops muscles. In addition, learning Taekwon-Do will boost self-confidence, develop positive mental values and learn self-discipline that will naturally be incorporated into your private, personal, social and work life. Children can improve their spatial awareness and concentration even at a young age.

These are two of the sports activities that you can join and enjoy in Brighton.

Football In Brighton: History Of The Brighton Football Club

Football in Brighton is a popular sport. To better understand the sport today, this article will give you a background on how the Brighton Football Club started. It was the Australian rules football club that played during the Victorian Football Association (VFA) and based in the suburb of Brighton, Melbourne. Its nickname was the Penguins. Before the club was moved to Caulfield, their uniform was gold and maroon guernseys and in the early of the 1960s, they wore a white and red.

It was believed that the football club was formed in 1885 and after seven years, it became a member of the Metropolitan Junior Football Association. After sixteen years, they won the premiership in the league and eventually joined the VFA, they were the team that replaced Richmond who happened to transfer to the Victorian Football League. At this time, Brighton played home matches in the oval of Brighton Beach before transferring to Elsternwick Park.

Brighton had its first stint of the final game during the VFA in 1926, they were coached by Gordon Rattray, a former Fitzroy player. In fact, they made it to the grand finals but lost to Cobura, the team that beat them in the following season. In 1938, Brighton became runners-up.

During the World War II, the VFA had a recess and Brighton almost folded but luckily they were able to create a committee and resumed playing in 1945. In 1948, the club won their first and only premiership in the top division under Col Williamson. They finished third and when they defeated Brunswick during the preliminary finals, they became qualified for the game against Williamstown, they won the game by leading nine points.

Football In Brighton: History Of The Brighton Football Club

All throughout the 1950s and in the early 1960s, the club struggled. During the twelve seasons which started in 1952 until 1963, they won only eight wooden spoons. For this, the supporter base of the club was very low and only a small group of committee men tried to keep the club intact but they were unable to manage administrative work, struggled to keep the players and there were seasons when the club operated as an amateur club because of financial constraints.

With the off-field problems that remained unsolved, they lost occupancy at Elsterwick Park, their home ground after 1961. With so many trials along the way, they managed to survive when they merged with the South Caulifield Football Club and they formed a new team, this was the Brighton-Caulifield. However, this merger did not help solve existing problems of the club until in 1964, they hired 12 senior players. After three seasons, the name of the club became Caulifield and became more appealing to suburb fans. Their last season was in 1987.

This is the history of the Brighton Football Club.

Brighton Sports Bar

This article lists down the top rated Brighton sports bars so when you are visiting the place, you know where to go. These are:

Brighton Sports Bar

The Castlebar

The Castlebar is popular of their Love Thursday Quiz because it is very challenging and good for people who hang out as groups and want to have a good night. The prizes are pretty simple yet the pride of winning is all that matters. It is a dark bar, it looks like they never turned on the lights and the clients are generally older people in the area. Many prefer The Castlebar more because of its strategic location and they can simply enjoy a cold drink to relax the night. Also, you can enjoy their dart games or just watch the players and enjoy your food. For first-timers, they say that they will be regular visitors since the sports bar offers a cozy ambiance and at the same time friendly camaraderie.


Brighton Sports Bar

Joey’s is known for their friendly bartenders, strategic location, affordable ice cold drinks and you can bring your own food. Yes, you can bring your own food in this sports bar. This makes Joey’s an even cooler bar compared to its competitors. If you want to have pizza or chicken wings from another restaurant, you can just bring them in while you enjoy their ice cold drinks. Also, the crowd is a mix of young professionals, older townies and grad-students. For those who are hesitant to enter a sports bar that has a mix of crowd like Joey’s, do not be afraid because they assure customers especially young ladies of a safe place.

Brighton Beer Garden

Brighton Beer Garden offers a standard B&G food. Their restaurant is nicely designed, the TVs can be seen in every angle and it is very clean. The bar is big and has a wide selection of drinks to choose from. Also, the food is delicious especially their french fries and fish and chips, they are served in a basket together with a tartar sauce. Many customers agree that the food is really amazing including the price.

If you are in Brighton, try these top rated sports bars.

Basic Equipment Of Surf and Ski Sports

Choosing the correct equipment in whatever sports you will try is very important. It is not enough to buy equipment that looks great but does not perform the way it must be. This holds true for surf and ski sports. The most important things to consider are the following:


You fell in love with the fun and excitement this sport brings to you and from that moment, you know that surfing is the sport for you. You need the right gear to get up and run while learning how to ride the waves. These are the equipment you need:

  • Surfboard. The ability of the surfing board is the most important feature. For starters, you can have the long and stable surfboards or the hard epoxy board which is more like a funboard. Longer boards are better when you are a beginner because it gives more stability while short boards are tricky to learn.
  • Wetsuit. Your wetsuit must be fit, warm and comfortable, these are the most important features when you buy for a wetsuit.
  • Board Shorts and Rash Vest. These are not really the most essential things you need in surfing but they can help. Board shorts create an additional layer of insulation under the wetsuit and rash vests can help if your wetsuit seams rubs around your neck. It gives you more comfort.
  • Gloves, Boots and Hoods. These three are very important especially for surfing in cold water during the winter season. Your wetsuit cannot protect your hands and feet from the cold. If you live in an area where water is best when chilly, wearing gloves and boots will give you longer time to enjoy the water. Also, hoods are good for winter surfing too.
Basic Equipment Of Surf and Ski Sports


The basic equipment you need in the sport of ski are Ski, PFD, paddle and leash and roof racks. In choosing a ski, professionals say that you look for a flat and broad ski because this will give stability. You do not have to purchase a new one, you can source a second hand ski easily.

These are the basic equipment you need to surf and ski sports.

Benefits Of Joining Brighton Athletic Club

The best version of oneself is about how you look. Today, the number of health clubs, gyms and athletic clubs are like weeds sprouting everywhere. This will give you an idea that more and more people are very conscious about keeping a healthy lifestyle. In fact, if you are going to survey the number of athletic clubs, health clubs and gyms, they are countless. This scenario will tell you that it can either attract or repel people from joining. It is true that good looks are a blessing, the reason why many people are in these clubs. When you were younger, you stuffed yourself with meat and then one day, you just woke up and realized that the diet you had will not be beneficial for you anymore.

Along with a healthy diet, you want to make an entirely new you. To help you in starting a new edition of yourself, you can either join in health or athletic club. What matters most is your membership. This is now the time to flaunt the health and wealth you have because joining either of both clubs will give a complete plethora on how to maintain your health, not just your body but includes your mind.

Joining an athletic club is different from a gym because athletic club is feeling like you are in a resort while in a gym, relaxing means a sign of laziness. The major benefits of joining Brighton athletic club are the following:

Services and Equipment

Benefits Of Joining Brighton Athletic Club

In an athletic club, you are assured of having the latest exercise regimen and the latest equipment. Also, they have a wide variety of activities and sports to suit your preference and taste. Since joining an athletic club requires memberships, every service and equipment are tailored for the member. Here, you can use the amenities and equipment at your own time.

Spa and Sauna

This is one of the amenities that you cannot have in a gym. An athletic club is considered a one stop shop where all your athletic needs are available. After your heavy workout, you can treat yourself by having a spa. You can have a body massage to eliminate all the strains and to feel relaxed. In some clubs, they even have a steam bath or a special detoxification massage. So, when you go home from a hard workout, you will feel rejuvenated and fresh.

Nutrition Experts

Benefits Of Joining Brighton Athletic Club

Athletic clubs hire dedicated nutrition professionals for their members because a healthy workout needs proper exercise and diet. These nutrition experts will guide the members on the proper diet by developing a daily diet regimen to compensate your body requirements. Also, they monitor regularly to monitor how the members develop and grow.

These are the benefits derived when you become a member of an athletic club.

Major Reasons To Join Brighton Sports Club

For many people, enrolling in a gym is like going to a dentist, it is a painful experience rather than an uplifting treat. For this reason, there is a place that gives you more reasons to become a health buff in a more fun way and of course, a treat in itself. This is by joining a sports club.

Sports club is the country club of the fitness world. It is not just a place where you can work out but offers a variety of amenities, this makes membership beneficial to the mind and body and at the same time enjoyable. In addition, sports clubs have expansive facilities like large lap pools, squash and racquetball courts, indoor climbing walls and even full service spas.

Major Reasons To Join Brighton Sports Club

Generally, sports club are not exclusive and membership will cost you more but you are actually paying for the additional services and your comfort. The major reasons why you should join the Brighton sports club are the following:

  • Relaxation. One of the major benefits of joining a sports club is the long list of amenities which are non-exercise, these amenities are unheard in a typical fitness center or gym. If you are stressed out from home or work responsibilities, then you can hit the spa. There are massage services like deep tissue, Swedish, aromatherapy, sports and hot rock massages. However, massages are just icing on the cake, you can have skin treatments and even try the sauna to melt those stresses away.
  • Improve mood and build your confidence. Regular exercise can do more than improving your physique, it can help alleviate chronic depression, reduce anxiety and boost self-confidence. You must remember that your body and mind are not distinct and separate entities. People think that being happy, anxious, sad or carefree are purely mental states but what they do not know is that they are the result of their brain’s complex chemical interactions. According to studies, people who have chronic depression and anxiety are recommended to exercise regularly to change body chemistry.

These are the major reasons why you join a sports club.