Basic Equipment Of Surf and Ski Sports

Choosing the correct equipment in whatever sports you will try is very important. It is not enough to buy equipment that looks great but does not perform the way it must be. This holds true for surf and ski sports. The most important things to consider are the following:


You fell in love with the fun and excitement this sport brings to you and from that moment, you know that surfing is the sport for you. You need the right gear to get up and run while learning how to ride the waves. These are the equipment you need:

  • Surfboard. The ability of the surfing board is the most important feature. For starters, you can have the long and stable surfboards or the hard epoxy board which is more like a funboard. Longer boards are better when you are a beginner because it gives more stability while short boards are tricky to learn.
  • Wetsuit. Your wetsuit must be fit, warm and comfortable, these are the most important features when you buy for a wetsuit.
  • Board Shorts and Rash Vest. These are not really the most essential things you need in surfing but they can help. Board shorts create an additional layer of insulation under the wetsuit and rash vests can help if your wetsuit seams rubs around your neck. It gives you more comfort.
  • Gloves, Boots and Hoods. These three are very important especially for surfing in cold water during the winter season. Your wetsuit cannot protect your hands and feet from the cold. If you live in an area where water is best when chilly, wearing gloves and boots will give you longer time to enjoy the water. Also, hoods are good for winter surfing too.
Basic Equipment Of Surf and Ski Sports


The basic equipment you need in the sport of ski are Ski, PFD, paddle and leash and roof racks. In choosing a ski, professionals say that you look for a flat and broad ski because this will give stability. You do not have to purchase a new one, you can source a second hand ski easily.

These are the basic equipment you need to surf and ski sports.

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