Brighton Sports Bar

This article lists down the top rated Brighton sports bars so when you are visiting the place, you know where to go. These are:

Brighton Sports Bar

The Castlebar

The Castlebar is popular of their Love Thursday Quiz because it is very challenging and good for people who hang out as groups and want to have a good night. The prizes are pretty simple yet the pride of winning is all that matters. It is a dark bar, it looks like they never turned on the lights and the clients are generally older people in the area. Many prefer The Castlebar more because of its strategic location and they can simply enjoy a cold drink to relax the night. Also, you can enjoy their dart games or just watch the players and enjoy your food. For first-timers, they say that they will be regular visitors since the sports bar offers a cozy ambiance and at the same time friendly camaraderie.


Brighton Sports Bar

Joey’s is known for their friendly bartenders, strategic location, affordable ice cold drinks and you can bring your own food. Yes, you can bring your own food in this sports bar. This makes Joey’s an even cooler bar compared to its competitors. If you want to have pizza or chicken wings from another restaurant, you can just bring them in while you enjoy their ice cold drinks. Also, the crowd is a mix of young professionals, older townies and grad-students. For those who are hesitant to enter a sports bar that has a mix of crowd like Joey’s, do not be afraid because they assure customers especially young ladies of a safe place.

Brighton Beer Garden

Brighton Beer Garden offers a standard B&G food. Their restaurant is nicely designed, the TVs can be seen in every angle and it is very clean. The bar is big and has a wide selection of drinks to choose from. Also, the food is delicious especially their french fries and fish and chips, they are served in a basket together with a tartar sauce. Many customers agree that the food is really amazing including the price.

If you are in Brighton, try these top rated sports bars.

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