Sports Activities In Brighton

Brighton has a lot of sports activities for the residents as well as the visitors to enjoy. There is a wide variety of sports activities in Brighton and some of them are the following:

Brighton Water Sports

The Brighton Water Sports is located on Brighton Beach, it is based between two Piers and located within the heart of the beach land in Brighton. The Brighton Watersports Company is the only company that is licensed and allowed by the City to operate along Brighton’s beaches. There are so many bars, cafes, shops and galleries along the coastline, this is simply for people who want to relax or witness the coastline and leave the adventure of water sports to his family or group.

Sports Activities In Brighton

The company works closely with Brighton’s City Council, Beach Lifeguards, Seafront Office and RNLI to make sure that visitors will have a high standard of safety. Also, most of the facilities are wheelchair friendly except for the kayak, kit and on-site clothing shops.

Brighton Martial Arts

Martial Arts in Brighton offers the fastest growing Self-Defence and Martial Art in the world. They have more than sixteen classes every week for men, women and children across Hove and Brighton. Martial arts is not only learning how to defend yourself but also improve health, fitness, endurance, flexibility, coordination and many more.

One of the martial arts that is offered is the techniques of Choi Kwang Do, it can restore and promote good health and safe to practice even for a long-term. Also, it allows you to perform different movements to shock your opponent without negatively affecting one’s health. Today, the oldest practicing student is 92 years old. He is the living testimony that this martial art can have long-term benefits for the health.

Another martial art offered in Hove and Brighton Martials Arts is the Self-Defence, the Korean Art. Each week, they offer fifteen classes for women, men and children. Aside from learning how to defend yourself, there are other benefits derived from taking Taekwon-Do lessons. Your total fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination will be improved. The techniques of Taekwon-Do will help develop your body to perform powerful and fast movements. It helps you to develop a good physique because it promotes weight loss and develops muscles. In addition, learning Taekwon-Do will boost self-confidence, develop positive mental values and learn self-discipline that will naturally be incorporated into your private, personal, social and work life. Children can improve their spatial awareness and concentration even at a young age.

These are two of the sports activities that you can join and enjoy in Brighton.

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